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Coin's Objectives

Vision of PEPS

01 Assets that are safely kept

The value of coin is currently judged by the future utilisation or technical vision presented by individual coins.
There are too many risks to turn a lot of cash into coins just for this future possibility.
To address these issues, PEPSCOIN has guaranteed real assets by the company, based on this,
so that the coin holders also could get guaranteed asset value reliably.

02 Convenient means of payment

PEPSCOIN has established online/offline payment systems through a wide used PG system and virtual PEPSCARD.
In PG systems, payments are made in real time by applying private systems.
and as providing a wide - used API, it is possible universally to link to any payment system such as IoT or ATM.

03 Value-increasing assets

Purchase for 20% of the initial ICO amount, commission fee of the Company's Mining POOL(3%), and the transaction fee.
The company will disclose the accumulation of coins used to purchase assets in real time on its website,
and make public the asset status transparently through audit once a year.
This reinvestment activates the PEPSCOIN ecosystem, and proportionally, the value of it increases.
PEPSCOIN also has a fixed amount of coins and are acquired through mining.
Therefore, PEPSCOIN has scarcity, and the difficulty of mining rises, which means increases its value as time goes by.

The birth of PEPS COIN

In 2009, Bitcoin Core was opened for the first time. Unlike conventional currencies, It was possible for individuals(P2P) to trade it fastly and safely without institutions of government or a central bank. The maximum number of publications was fixed, therefore, advantages of scarcity were evidently guaranteed. After making a lot of efforts and various incidents, it was the best price of 1BTC $ 17900 ever in December 2017 due to a great deal of attention. Following Bit Coin, many AltCoins including 'Ethereum' were born with their own purposes. However, there are some limitations that Bitcoin and many Altcoes have. First of all, As the structural problems of the block chain, it takes too much time to complete transactions so that the exchange function of the currency could substantially be weaken. Secondly, there are still dark aspects such as tax avoidance, money laundering and the storage and transmission of profits from crime. So, china has imposed a legal regulation called the closure of the exchange market. Currently, value standards of individual coins are just the cost of acquiring coins from a miner or the belief of online users driven by specific issues. Of course, like Tether, there are coins that started with the value of 1USD = 1USDT, but even this is not transparent. For these various reasons, market participants are always afraid of market collapse due to government regulations or technical problems. When the system collapses, there is no guarantee owing to characteristics of the cryptocurrency that exists only in virtual data. If cryptocurrency had been existed only as a payment method with many potential in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, it would have already failed to attract people's attention due to convenient and stable measures such as credit cards, paypal, Google Pay and Samsung Pay that be in existence. However, cryptocurrency is not simply a payment method, but is based on great technology, block chain that cannot be manipulated or cloned. Thus, since there is a special advantage of de-centralization, which means uncontrolled economic or political domination by a particular country or group, there is scarcity such as gold. So, The PEPS project has begun with the ultimate visions of 'maximizing the benefits of cryptocurrency and stable asset value of it'.

Information on PEPS coin

Coin Name
Server Reward
POW(Proof-of-Work) -changes into POS
after 70% of total is mined
Block time Reward
30 per minute
Block time difference
60 sec
Block Reward
30 coins per 1 block
First half-life
1year 7month
Total Issued Amount
Mining Method
CPU, GPU mining

Comparison of BTC and PEPS

Bit coin(BTC)
Peps coin(PEPS)
Mining started in 2009
ICO scheduled for may 2018
21,000,000 Total Issued
320,000,000 Total Issued
No Issuer / No Management System
Operation of Headquarters / Management System
No related products and derivatives
Related Products, Derivatives Coming to Market
Mainly used on-line
O2O, Enable interactively on-line and off-line
Mainly focused on investment purpose
Used as various payment methods

Basic Features

01 Fast speed

The PEPS COIN is designed to be faster than Bitcoin.
Whereas Bitcoin block creation time is per 10 minutes, PEPS block time is only 60 seconds which is 10 times faster than conventional one.
PEPS COIN is designed to allow more transactions at the same time as its block size is 4 megabytes which means 4 times larger than Bitcoin.

02 De-centralization

By adopting the Lyla2Re algorithm, It can prevent the coin monopoly of some large mining companies which use ASIC system mining.
Also It has been developed so that it can be mined not only with GPU that is accessible to general miners but also with CPU.
At the beginning of rewards, it would be delivered in POW(Proof-of-Work), but it will be converted to POS(Proof-of-Stake)method after 70% of mining is carried out.
To lead the de-centralization, the company will provide mining servers so that everyone can mine under equal conditions.

03 Wallet

PEPSCOIN provides a Wallet for Windows and Linux desktops that can hold tokens individually and also provides mobile apps that can be used without personal computer.
PEPS COIN that is held on the 'Web Wallet' service can be sent to the personal computer, so everyone can keep it individually.
It also eliminates the need for coin movement through exchanges and allows interchange of coins without additional functionality.

04 high-powered security systems

PEPSCOIN can protect the coinholder's assets with up-to-date security technologies that precede other coins.
To protect personal information, all data is encrypted and authenticated through 128-bit SSL technologies.
PEPSCOIN also uses a barrier to block and protect 24 hours from unauthorized access and attacks such as DDos outside.

The Characteristics and Applications of PEPS COIN

PEPCOIN has many differences from other crytocurrencies. A lot of functions and solutions are being developed to become a future currency for everyone. Some have been completed, and would like to introduce some of the most useful and competitive ones.

1.PEPS Asset Safety Systems

1-1 PEPS Guarantee System

The company retains up to 20% of its coin sales as real assets, those who own the coins owned by the company are guaranteed to compensate the value of the coin in any case. To do so, the Company shall disclose the asset status transparently by publishing accounting audit data on its website once a year, as well as legal statements concerning guarantees.

1-2 PEPS Asset Protection Systems

Cryptocurrency is a system that can be legally protected like a real asset and guaranteed by the company to inherit or give to others. This system has been designed for heirs who do not know the password of its wallet, in case of sudden problems with coin holder. the coin holder can be protected in accordance with legal procedures relating to assets just by submitting documents which is recognized by national law through a legal firm that is working with its company.

1-3 PEPS Asset Value Increase

To increase the value of PEPSCOIN assets, the company provides open mining POOL and consume the entire transaction fee (3%) of the mining pool to purchase the asset. As the ecosystem of PEPSCOIN becomes vigorously active, it will be able tp accumulate assets, thus increasing the value of the coin.

2. Free payment method around world

The PEPS platform has a payment system that connects cryptocurrency and real currencies. API for coin payment will be equipped online and offline worldwidely so its development is proceeding. Its goal is conclusionally to create and publish a PEPS-only CARD so that the PEPS can be freely used not only in online shopping malls but also in offline stores as cash.

2-1 Groundbreaking payment to be used in all economic activities - PEPS PAY

USING PEPS PAY Basically, as the value of PEPS coins increases, it will be able to convert them into cash at the exchange. In addition to increasing value as a cash function, PEPS is freely used in various convenient facilities without a wallet, allowing coins and points to be placed on the card. The goal of PEPS is to build a financial settlement system that goes beyond VISA and MASTER. Currently, while the fee for payment of Visa and Master Card is around 3 to 5%, the future PEPS card payment fee will be released up to 0 percent to 1.5 percent, which is extremely low compared to other service providers. And all settlement systems are linked in real time, so rapidly economic activity occurs. Payment function can be used conveniently at affiliated store as well as user of PEPS. Afterward, merchants affiliated with PEPS can more easily accept customers through a portable card provided by PEPS without having to upgrade or replace POS system to make payments. In addition, It have been developed a fingerprint recognition system, so that, if customers register their fingerprints on the PEPS platform in advance, they can pay with their fingerprints without having to carry PEPS card.

< Fingerprint pay-system via mobile card >

< PEPS Card Features >

Transaction fee from 0% to 1.5%
Available anywhere at any PEPS merchant worldwidely
Mobile App Function
24 hour available / Payment in real time
Stored it in encrypted currency, used it as cach
The affiliated ATM can convert it into cash and withdrawn
Added the ability to store and trade other coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as PEPS COIN

2-2 Convenience on mobile with PEPS App

With PEPS App, Users can use it efficiently without needs of accessing desktops, PC, and websites. Furthermore, Mobile application can offer you details of coin, transaction records, coin transfer in real time. The is available immediately without an ISP and an accredited certificate. The PEPS App can make movements of token and cash more convenient and various than other existing financial applications. PEPS app and PEPS card can integrate customer points by linking with point accumulation companies. PEPSCOIN has the advantage of being able to pay in PC window wallets even without a card. Future plans are to install ATM devices exclusively for PEPS cards in shopping malls, terminals and airports, and to make withdrawals immediately using a card.

3. Continuous, future-oriented Coin Network

In bitcoin, there are no companies that manage it, and the identity of coin developers is unknown. Although the value of it as money has risen a lot now, its use is still small. With the above-mentioned PG API, PEPS coin will be used as cash rather than virtual currency, and PEPS-only cards and point-use will be made possible by partnering with many global financial companies. After being listed on the international exchange to raise the value of the coin, PEPS will run payment guarantee systems to contribute to the survival of the coin as well as to its value. Even after the development is complete, the management of the headquarters continuously will ensure that it could be virtually established as a future alternative.

4.Apply to various payment systems by establishing general PG system

Unlike other coin platforms, PEPS coin 'PG system' applies more to diverse locations. PEPS partners (on-line shopping malls and online games) can attract many customers by linking PEPS PG systems and customers also can use PEPSCOIN to easily pay. Simple PG solution allows partners to connect it easily without a separate setting. In addition, members fee would be minimized (0% - 1.5%) to reduce the burden of it.

4-1 Leveraging Media/ Entertainment Contents

In this day and age, not only TV and movies, but also personal broadcasting on the Internet is gaining popularity. As the number of single-person media cast systems (TwitchesTV, YouTube, etc.) continues to increase, individual broadcasting is creating stars who are accumulating huge popularity and wealth. As you know, in broadcasting, audiences send different types of virtual points to the broadcasters, who could generate revenue by encashing in those points. Soon companies that send private broadcasting will provide PEPS payment system to customers by linking PEPS PG based on blockchain instead of virtual points. As a result, broadcasting stars will be able to generate profits from fans who watch broadcasting and audiences also could be more sponsors of them. And the PG system applies not only to personal broadcasting, but also to writers who produce and distribute personal contents (webtoon, video production, web novels, etc.) online. A platform will enable users to directly support creators with coins, not generate profits from exposure to advertising.

4-2. Real-time transaction with 100,000 rapid processing per second

The PEPS database provides the best performance by improving the capabilities of the existing database used to. The PEPS database has been enhanced with a focus on significantly improving hardware scalability in handling large multi-threads. Reason why it focuses on processing speed is, because even though trend speed is fast, feeling speed may a little be different within platform. The PEPS database has been currently designed to handle 30,000 transactions per second and been operated. Along with it, It has been accelerating its development of network so that it can handle 100,000 cases per second by end of 2018.

Is payment possible in real time?

In Japan's central city, there are many stores that can be settled in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of cash. Many people could buy things, eat meals and drinks with Bitcoin. However, the frequency of use has decreased a lot. In contrast to cash, Bitcoin is constantly changing, so it is very inconvenient for both buyers and sellers to check current prices and make payments accordingly. PEPS coin links current market price to the PG system on the PEPS exchange to address its inconvenience. Then, the payment is made in accordance with the current market price. So the PEPS platform is developing a PG system that allows payment to be made quickly through real-time pricing with a PEPS card and mobile app.

Multifarious Marketing Plans for the establishment of the PEPS payment system

Establish its own shopping mall 'PEPS mall'

1)  It builds its own Entered-shopping Mall( to enable the distribution of PEPS coin.
2)  Various products can be paid with PEPSCOIN which can be used like cash.
3)  As shop-in-shop open market, enabling more sellers and buyers to use the PEPS platform.

Establish alliances and partners with PEPS platform

1)  Partnering with popular cash back and point-collection sites, it allows points to be accumulated when payment is made with PEPSCOIN.

Partner with a lot of franchises to create more PEPSCOIN franchise stores, not smaller ones. Although the launch might be a small number of franchises, there will be more use of PEPS in partnership with large franchises.


By partnering with the large open market, it will be made the best payment method for online shopping malls. The use of PEPS payment systems at online and offline merchants will increase faster.


Builds a PEPS payment system for online contents such as game companies and video channels. As mentioned in the previous, online contents provides more active access to the application of cryptocurrency than cash. PEPS coin payment will be used in more areas in partnership with various contents developers.

Launchs PEPS COIN ICO and Cloud Sale
ICO and Cloud Sale

20% (pre-mining) of Total Coins
ICO & Crowd Sale
Rewards and Consulting, Alliance
Developers and members and operating expenses

Details of ICO

ICO Allocation
20% of Total issued =64,000,000
ICO 가격
1 ETH=3,000 PEPS
Start date
May, 2018
Minimum amount of participation
0.2 ETH
Participatory bonus
1차 / 1ETH = 3000 peps + 20% 2차 / 1ETH= 3000 peps
Crowd Sale
After closing the first and second ICO
1ETH = 3,000 PEPS

Plan to use coin sales

Developing and Maintaining Core Platforms (15%)
Advertising/Marketing (20%)
Card and financial system development (20%)
Operation (Headquarters Operating Cost and Asset Assurance Systems) (45%)

PEPS project roadmap and development plan


-JAN. 2017 PEPS COIN idea Planning
-JUN. 2017 PEPS COIN planning Validation
-JUL. 2017 Constitutes PEPS project developer and support team
-AUG. 2017 Starts development of PEPS COIN platform.
-DEC. 2017 PEPS COIN whitepaper version 1.0


-FEB. 2018 PEPS COIN whitepaper version 1.2
-APR. 2018 Opens PEPS TECH ICO Web site and Web wallet
-MAY. 2018 Opens PEPS COIN 1st ICO
-JUN. 2018 Opens PEPS COIN 2nd ICO
-JUL. 2018 Launchs PEPS COIN Cloud Sale


-AUG. 2018 Releases PEPS COIN universal PG-system BETA version
-AUG. 2018 PEPS COIN hard fork
-AUG. 2018 PEPS COIN white version 2.0
-AUG. 2018 Opens PEPS COIN exclusive online shopping mall
-AUG. 2018 Opens PEPS COIN online community
-SEP. 2018 Provides PEPS COIN universal PG and formal API
-SEP. 2018 Publishes and distributes mobile app wallets (Android App)
-SEP. 2018 Recruits PEPS COIN PG-Agents & Franchisees
-SEP. 2018 Issues PEPS E-Card for Mobile App (Android App)
-SEP-OCT. 2018 Lists PEPS COIN on International Exchange


-OCT. 2018 Issues PEPS E-Card for Mobile App(IOS App)
-OCT. 2018 Signs agreement with strategic partners and alliances
-OCT. 2018 Issues PEPS COIN exclusive cards (Including an electronic card)
-NOV. 2018 Opens PEPS Mining POOL Source
-Second half of 2018, Join hands with game developers and websites commercializing PEPS COIN
-First half of 2019, launches P2P exchange wallets based-on Mobile App
-Developes solutions and other services using the PEPS infrastructure
-Establishs PEPS ATM in public places.
-Always updates and develops to meet the needs of the market and users

※The above schedule may vary according to the development schedule, please refer to the website for more details.


First of all, It is the platform of PEPS COIN only.

The PEPS platform will create a variety of used systems around cryptocurrency called PEPS, which will serve as an alternative one. It will function as a currency beyond the limitations of the existing coins. As mentioned earlier, the platform is steadily being developed to become the most valuable currency of the future. While conventional virtual currencies have limited platforms to use, PEPS will apply them in a number of ways, making them simple and easy to access.

Second, It is the realization of a 'valuative life'.

Most cryptocurrencies are unstable, valued only by market expectations. There are many attempts to link with offline life, but despite initial expectations, it is struggling. Only just technical possibilities and used intentions created by the issuing entity of coins are not sufficient or unstable to be recognized as true asset values. To handle these problems, PEPSCOIN is striving to be objectively recognized for its coin value through transparent corporate disclosure. PEPSCOIN will cooperate with each country's legal system in order to be settled within the system, and protect individual rights and assets. Ultimately, It will be a valuable currency via PEPSCOIN platform as convenient exchange mediums and safe value storage ones.

Third, It is a 'social contribution platform'.

PEPS TECH (Next-B) aims to open source through platform development and transparent management. The company has a strong operating structure and supports open-source development and community project. The goals of company management are the development of projects, sustainability, and safe financing effectively. We will provide benefits of 0% PEPS fee to social foundations and non-profit businesses for social contribution. We also intend to give back some of the profits from coin sales and continuous project progress. Ultimately, it will be a PEPS TECH project that will contribute to society, not just to a project that only generates profit, and will donate a certain amount of money to global and non-profit foundations such as UNICEF. PEPS will take the lead in spreading blockchain technologies and popularization of cryptocurrency, and eliminating unnecessary structures and uncomfortable online trading systems. So PEPSCOIN will be able to spread its force to the public. We will make PEPSCOIN as digital currency that is of infinite value not only online but also offline all over the world. At this core, there will be PEPS COIN.

Introduce members


The PEPSCOIN operation team established, a head office and sales headquarters, in Tallinn, Estonia, with Japanese developers. The PEPSCOIN operation team of NEXT-B corporate company has established a head office and sales headquarters in in Tallinn, Estonia, focusing on the Japaness development Branch of it. NEXT-B, which means the next generation block chain, has established to operate a company that can utilize various coins through PEPS platform. Unlike other Alt-Coins, the operation and management team will proceed to continuously manage the coin value-enhancing and utilization system.


R-Click co., LTD Tomisho-BLDG Heiwa Chou-ku Fukuoka City Fukuoka JAPAN. Established in 2014, It is a software, solution development and network management company in Fukuoka, Japan, with histories about a great number of outsourcing based on cryptocurrency and about developing currency markets and exchanges between 2016 and 17.

Development department

The PEPSCOIN development department consists of top experts in each field who develop core platform. It is composed of departments specializing in software production, network security management with a team specialized in the development of coin exchange in 2017. So, our company ensures the best technical skills through collaboration. It also operates a separate budget and TF TEAM as a critical component of building systems based on projects and platforms.

Public relations department

The PEPS project has operated a public relations/marketing team consisting of a number of experienced people for infinite coin popularization. it exposes information and news about PEPSCOIN. It will contribute to the growth of PEPS by providing information and issues related to PEPSCOIN development to customers, or by exposing characteristics of PEPS to those who have not yet had one.

Other Important Points

The information provided in this white paper is provided solely to assess the vision and value of PEPSCOIN cryptocurrency and PEPS platform and its associated systems. Those who wish to participate in PEPSCOIN should not rely solely on the information contained in this white paper and strongly recommend to be carried its own verification and evaluation. This white paper is a data document based on the development plan and should not be construed as a subscription for the purpose of the sale of stock, share, securities.


NEXT-B, Inc., is responsible for the issuance, distribution, management and other business activities of PEPSCOIN and has ownership and rights to patent technologies, product development rights and advertising on the PEPS platform. It shall also be prohibited to use them on third parties, to distribute to others, and to use other relevant rights.


NEXT-B (PEPSCOIN TECH) is a registered corporation in Tallinn, Estonia, and complies with the specific laws of the crypto-currency department, in accordance with the laws of Estonia's financial services institute. Customers participating in our project should understand and follow relevant and legal regulations.

Anti-money laundering law

Participants in PEPSCOIN must agree not to participate in any form of money laundering, illegal currency transactions and other restricted activities through the PEPS Platform, PEPS PG System and other related derivatives. It should be remembered that PEPSCOIN cannot be sold, exchanged or disposed of directly or indirectly for the purpose of money laundering. Also, they should not be used for acts that correspond to international crimes (such as illegal gambling, drugs, etc.) or engaged in funding and exchange activities for the purpose of funding terrorism.

Legal Notice and Disclaimer

The objective of this white paper is to present the PEPS COIN project to the coinholder or potential owner. The information provided in this document is not complete and does not imply a contractual obligation. It is focused on providing important and detailed information to potential coin holders to increase understanding of companies and projects . So that It can be increased the likelihood of obtaining tokens. The PEPS COIN project is not guaranteed or warranted for all information contained in this white paper and is indemnified from all liability arising therefrom. In particular, there are no guarantees of future achievements or consequences for this project, as the stated development plan and load map on this white paper could be changed.