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- Establishment as a function of real money, not as a virtual currency that is only used online!

- Established existence as a future alternative not a speculative currency.

- Enhancing the value of the coin through continuing management, not for temporary issue

Evolution of Money- The Rise of Cryptocurrency

Money have changed throughout the growth of economy and flow of time. As time passes, the relation between money and assets such as gold and banknote is fading away, and credit arose as a major economic value, leading to common usage of credit cards guaranteeing payment. Also, along with the development of electronic technology, cryptocurrency; without offline(real-life) coins or notes, exchanged online, with the application of encryption technology, has emerged and is transforming the world's economy. Through this information revolution, worldwide development of IT(information technology) has gave birth to a new concept of virtual currency, which has emerged as a major issue nowadays.

This is dramatically altering the flow of money, but how many kinds of virtual currency exist? The number is more than 1,300, so there are many kinds of virtual currency that we don't even know of. Digital currency is commonly referred to as e-money, digital money or cyber currency, but is pretty much included in a same concept, since it is developed and used for similar reasons. The development of IT has led to the extension of types of money and certificates exchanged on digital platform

Characteristics of Cryptocurrency

1) Virtual and encrypted currency, without existence in real world

Although it is virtual, cryptocurrency can be circulated by linking to real world currency, and can be purchased and exchanged online, enabling P2P transfer and transaction. Also, since it is encrypted, robbery or extortion between individuals is out of the question.

2) Decentralized digital currency based on P2P blockchain

Different from preexisting currency under the control of centralized power, virtual currency rest on a decentralized P2P system. The system consists of direct P2P transaction, without transfer of money through banks.

3) Global currency, quickly exchangeable worldwide

The preexisting currencies must be transferred through domestic and foreign banks, and therefore need time and additional fee to send money. However virtual currency can enable fast transaction without complicated exchanged procedures; the transactions would be easy, just like sending an e-mail.

What is Bitcoin, and What is Blockchain?


Bitcoin was created in 2008 by an unknown computer programmer named Nakamoto Satoshi. The maximum amount of Bitcoin is 21 million coins, and as of May 2017, 16.15 million coins have been put into circulation. The average confirmation time of Bitcoin is 10 minutes, and the final 60 minutes. What it difers from preexisting currencies is that it does not need a bank to carry out transactions between individuals, enabling safe and quick exchange.

- Characteristics of Bitcoin

1. Unlike preexisting currency, it enables quick and safe P2P transaction without intervention of government, central bank, or other financers, and the total amount of circulation is limited, just like gold.

2. Bitcoin transaction is protected by military-level encryption. As long as you follow protectional procedures of a wallet, Bitcoin offers you protection against illegal activities and grants you a good control over the money you own.

3. It only takes 10 minutes to send Bitcoin to anywhere in the world. It does not have the usual problems that banks sometimes go through, such as slow processing and intermittent of transaction, and does not charge you transaction fee.

What is blockchain?

As can be inferred from the word itself, blockchain is a structure where blocks are connected in chains. A block with a new data is created periodically, and newly created block is connected to the end of the preexisting chain. Blockchain is a record of transactions that considers transaction information as one block and connects the blocks into a chain. The record can be accessed by public, unlike offline transaction record which only the keeper can access. It may seem hazardous to make private transaction record public, but is actually quite the other way round, since it is safe and convenient.

- Characteristics of Blockchain

1)Blockchain is safe, free from falsification; 2)is transparent, since the exact time of record of transaction is accessible; 3)does not need central control system as it is decentralized; 4)has no central control, allowing emancipation from transaction fees to a third party; 5)can prevent illegal trade since the validity of transaction is verified by participants of the network; 6)is not confined to place or limits, allowing unlimited expansion; 7)can remain independent from preexisting centralized control since everyone in the network participates fairly in decision-making.

Key Currency and Virtual(Crypto) Currency

Along with gold, the standard currency of financial trade and international payment in foreign exchange market is called key currency. USD is a key currency. The issuer of key currency has to produce various goods and services, has to have stable value of its currency, has to house highly developed foreign exchange, financial, and capital market, and has to be clear of any regulation of international transaction. Thanks to the economic power and national capability of the U.S., US Dollar has definitely positioned itself as key currency. Nowadays, however, the faith in USD is fading away, threatening USD's position as key currency.
Therefore the fever over cryptocurrency has much to offer us. The verification of transaction between individuals renders government intervention and bank mediation impotent. This may be the future that everyone dreams of. If cryptocurrency acts as key currency in financial market, then it may bring about huge changes in the central role that USD plays in international currency system. Cryptocurrency may be a threat to the dominant status of USD.
Once popularized, cryptocurrency will substantially pull down transaction costs. It is already showing its strength in international transfers. The rise of cryptocurrency is leading to abolishing of currency arbitrage and transfer fee of banks, and the collapse of banking giants and central banks handling international transaction, and in the developing countries state-of-the-art smartphones and smart-pay taking the form of cryptocurrency is becoming the new norm for finance. The various e-commerce systems nowadays are evolving into a state where process is mutually compatible and foreign currency payment is processed in consolidated form. Digital currency system is developing into a huge exchange system in which various forms of transactions are processed in a consolidated form. Dollar as a key currency will be challenged by gigantic digital currency system.
Nowadays, we are in need for cryptocurrency, which we can easily and conveniently use in everyday life. Digital currency is used by 90% of the world's population, and the concept is evolving into payment system of future world. Uncertainty of a nation is leading to a transfer into another financial system. For instance, depreciation of CNY and economic situation and natural disaster of Japan triggering skyrocketing demand for cryptocurrency. When people lose faith in a nation or preexisting finance system, they invest their capital into cryptocurrency and gold. The fact that a nation or an organization taking the lead of blockchain technology can make huge profits, and the advent of the fourth industrial revolution is showing that the general trend is of course, cryptocurrency.

Peps card

The Birth of PEPS COIN

The goal of PEPS COIN is to create the world in which cryptocurrency and human are connected, and digital assets play the role of currency. Also, it will aim to extend its domain of usage. The finance industry, despite its 150-year history, failed to offer financial service to billions of people around the world without bank accounts. For instance, millions of people are living without banks, and the majority of which, the minorities and immigrants, are not capable of enjoying financial services. To develop and expand the financial services, digitalization of finance is required and it should start right now. Japan's network company PEPS TECH(R-Click) will develop PEPS COIN and start PEPS platform service, with the experience of developing digital wallet and virtual currency exchange.
PEPS TECH will connect real currency and virtual currency and make it compatible for payment system, and will form partnership between offline financial network and PEPS COIN to issue PEPS CARD for everyday use for everyone. Also, PEPS TECH will develop mutual network, accessible both online and offline.

PEPS Technical Information

Short from
Sever Compensation
POW(Prof of work) - Changes into POS after 70% of mined
Block Time compensation
30 per minute
Lapse of time between blocks(sec)
Block compensation
30 coins per 1 block
First half-life
1year 7month
Total number od coins

BTC & PEPS Compare

Mining began in 2009
ICO scheduled on late April, 2018
Total of 21,000,000 coins
Total of 160,000,000 coins
No principal issuer/No management system
Headquarter exists / Management system operated
No related goods or derivatives
Derivatives to be sold
Used mainly online
O2O, mutual on/offline use possible
Degenerated into means of investment
Can be used for various payments

PEPS COIN Algorithm

- PEPS COIN algorithm for decentralization -

Bitcoin used SHA256 algorithm with the original design of proof-of-work system. At the beginning, SHA256 could sustain Bitcoins, but as it became famous its values increased, the competition for mining intensified. Generally, it is almost impossible for an individual to mine Bitcoin.
At the moment, the only way to mine Bitcoins is to purchase hardware from miner companies. The biggest company is SHA256/ ASICs, making up for 70% of the supply. To prevent such concentration of mining supply, PEPS COIN applies new proof-of-work algorithm called Lyla2Re. Lyla2Re algorithm was specially designed to compete against ASIC. Generally, optimal mining is difficult for GPU mining because of electricity overuse and heat emission. Applying Lyra2 (chain algorithm) instead of Scrypt enables adjustments and changes in memory usage, time and cost.
GPU mining is a computer and smartphone hardware produced by mainstream enterprises, and can be obtained anywhere. PEPS COIN will offer a whole-new class of entrepreneurs and investors, and even ordinary citizens a chance to participate in mining without the use of costly ASIC miners. PEPS coin mining will be decentralized, and resistance to ASIC systems is one of PEPS's permanent competitiveness.

Basic Characteristics of PEPS COIN


1. Fast speed

PEPS COIN was designed to be speedier than Bitcoin. Whereas Bitcoin block creation takes 10 minutes each, PEPS takes only 60 seconds, being 10 times faster. This characteristic makes it easier for PEPS COIN to be used in e-commerce, and will further increase its utility. Also, size of the block is 4 Megabytes, 4 times larger than Bitcoin, thus enabling bigger transactions.

2. Decentralization

By adopting Lyla 2 Re algorithm, our COIN has been developed so that some large mining companies can avoid the COIN monopoly through ASIC system mining and can also be exploited by GPUs and CPUs, which are accessible to the general miners.Compensation will be initially made to POW and will be converted to POS method if 70 % of mining is carried out.The company will take the lead in decentralization so that everyone can mine under equal conditions by providing a mining server.

3. Wallet

PEPS COIN provides Wallet for Windows and Linux desktops, in which users will be able to store tokens separately, along with Web Wallet which can be used after joining membership online. Coins stored in Web Wallet service provided by PEPS TECH can be sent to PCs for separate storage any time, and individuals will be able to transfer PEPS COIN without any other additional function.


4. General-purpose PG(Payment Gateway)-system

General-purpose PG-system provides payment for all online sites that require payment, such as online shopping malls, games, content services, and so on, and provide POS system for stores, which will also provide payments through PEPS cards in offline stores.In addition, it is planning to release PEPSCOIN PG API to GITHUB( so that it can provide various forms of payment in cooperation with technical companies related to mobile Bluetooth payment and Internet of Things (IoT) payment.

5. Robust security systems

PEPSCOIN will have the latest security technology ahead of other COIN and will protect the assets of its owners. It uses a technology that encrypts all data and uses 128-bit SSL to secure personal information. Then use a firewall to block and protect 24 hours from unauthorized access and attacks from outside, such as DDos.

Application of PEPS COIN

The PEPS coin has many differences from other encryption currencies. To be a future currency for everyone to use, Peps is developing and developing many features and solutions.

1. Providing online/offline payment means for anywhere in the world

PEPS COIN has many differences compared to other cryptocurrencies. To make it a currency for future, we have developed and are developing various functions and solutions. Here we will introduce some of them which we think is competitive considering its utility.

1-1.Groundbreaking payment function and application on all sorts of economic activity – PEPS PAY

Use of PEPS card

Basically, as the value of PEPS COIN rises, it becomes exchangeable with cash in exchanges. With PEPS card, coin and points can be saved in card without a wallet and can be used for various service facilities. The goal of PEPS is to construct a financial payment system better than Visa and MasterCard.

The payment fees for Visa and MasterCard range from 3% to 5%, but the PEPS card will charge only 0%~1.5%, which enhances competitiveness against other card companies. Also, all the payment system will be interlocked to support faster economic activity In addition to PEPS's users, merchant stores can conveniently use the payment function.

Usually, POS systems and machines are required when receiving customer's payment. The new PEPS partners will be able to reach customers more easily through the handheld machines offered by PEPS without having to upgrade or replace the POS system for the payment. Also,fingerprint-verification payment system is also developed so that if a customer registers a fingerprint in advance on the PEPS platform, the fingerprint payment can proceed without having pepscard.

Peps Card design

Peps card characteristics

Transaction fee 0%~1.5%
Can be used at all Pepscard affiliate stores.
Mobile Application Features
24 Hours Available / Real-time Payment
Stored assets are kept in code currency, and used like cash when payment is made.
Available for cash conversion and withdrawal from affiliate ATM devices.
Other coin storage features (bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) will be added soon.

1-2. Convenient on mobile with PEPS App

With the development of PEPS App, users will be able to check their transaction records, coin transfer, and usage records without logging onto Desktop PC or websites. The app can be used without separate ISP or certificates. PEPS App supports more convenient and diverse services in token and cash transactions than other bank apps. Also, PEPS App and PEPS card will carry out combined management of customers' points by interlocking with point savings corporations. Also, these functions can be applied to PC Windows wallet, even without cards, which is a strong point of PEPS COIN. Further, ATM only for PEPS card will be installed in shopping malls, terminals, and airports, thereby supporting instant withdrawal and deposit.

2. Applying universal PG system to various payment system

Unlike other coins, "PG system" of PEPS COIN will be applied to various systems. PEPS card affiliates(online/offline shopping malls and online game development companies) can host many customers through interlocking with PEPS PG system, and customers will be able to pay easily with PEPS COIN. Also, affiliates can interlock conveniently through PG system solution without additional settings. Also, affiliate fees will be minimalized (0%~1.5%) to ease the burden for affiliates.

2-1 The use of media entertainment content.

Nowadays, many stars are being created not only through TV, movies, but also through the Internet. With the constant expansion of the single-person media cast system (tweech TV, YouTube Channel), there are many stars that have grown to be wildly popular and wealthy on the air. As you may know, listeners and participants transmit different types of virtual points to the broadcast host, and the host makes a profit bytransferring this points into cash. In the future, many private broadcasting stations will use PEPS PG, so that both single-person media stars and the fans can make a profit and also transmit points to the host easily. And for the writers who will produce not only the individual broadcasting but also the individual contents (webcomics, video production, and web novels) can use PG system so that they can be paid from the readers who seek fun and information instead ofexposing them to sponsorship advertisements.

2-2 Deploy real-time transactions at 100,000 faster throughput per second

The PEPS database provides the best performance by improving several new functions in the existing database. This capability is being enhanced with a focus on significantly improving scalability in hardware in dealing with large multI-thread sizes. PEPS focuses on database processing speed because the speed of writing in the process of database processing within the platform is the same as the actual rate, even though the transaction in COIN is fast. The PEPS database is currently in operation by designing a database that can handle 30,000 cases per second, and is planning to build and accelerate development of networks that can process 100,000 cases per second by the end of 2018. The platform design to realize rapid transaction is equivalent to proving that PEPS is in the actual real-time trade itself that they want to realize.

Is payment possible in real time?

In the Japanese capital city, there are many stores where bitcoin and other virtual currencies can be used instead of cash. Many people could buy things with bitcoin, eat meals, and drink. But it is not used as common as before. Because unlike cash, the currency of bitcoin fluctuates a lot, so people have to check the price and make payment accordingly, making it very inconvenient for both buyers and sellers. To resolve this inconvenience, pepscoin connects the going price with the PG-system at pepscoin market. Now payment can be made according to the current market price. Pepscoin platform is nowdeveloping a system that shows real-time rates with pepscoin cards or mobile apps which facilitates payment.

3. Continuous coin network aiming for future

Bitcoin does not have its management organization, and the developer is still unknown. Its value as currency has risen, but its utility is trivial compared to its high value. Also, Peps will operate the payment guarantee system after being listed on the international exchange to increase the value of coin, contributing not only to the survival of the coin but also to the rise of its value.After development, unlike other coins, the headquarters will continue to operate and manage coins. so that PEPS project will support the coin's growth into a substitute for cash in the future.

PEPS Safety Asset System


Payment Guarantee System

The Company will retains up to 20 % of the value of coin sales as an actual offline asset, and ensures that the Company holds the coin as a safe asset under any circumstances receives the basic value of coin. For this purpose, the company not only specifies legal matters regarding payment guarantees, but also publishes the transparent asset status through the company's website once a year.

Asset Protection System

This system is a system in which virtual money can be protected by law just like ordinary assets, and the company can help in giving inheritance or gift.The system is designed to prepare for heirs who do not know the password of their wallet in case of sudden failure in the owner's safety.If documents are submitted through a legal company in partnership with the Company, which is recognized by the coin owner country's law, the documents may be protected under the legal procedures relating to the general inheritance of assets.

4. Application of PEPScoin in sharing economy business.

One of the most popular sharing economy businesses in recent years is Uber and Airback. For instance, suppose someone leases a house from Airbnb. Block-chain technologies can be used to automatically pay for housing reservations with PEPScoin, automatically lock doors when leaving home, and automatically notice the owner. Also, how convenient would it be to use Uber's taxi service to request a pickup on the PEPS platform and to use the PEPS payment system? Using these sharing economic systems, the low cost of PEPScoin only will cause further gains. Of course, if sharing economy is connected to a non-profit business, the transfer fee would be zero percent. In the sharing economy business, the PEPS payment system will expand the system to provide not only simple payments but also interfaces for each system.

Block chain and sharing economy

Sharing economy is created by the block chain, not by a third party or an organization. For instance, SLOCK.IT in Germany is a company that was founded under the motto "Everything that is locked can be opened". The company has made it possible for individuals to use virtual currencies to pay for their cars and lodging in other people's homes. Now the system has been fully developed and proof of concept is complete. Self-driving cars are also equipped with block chain technologies. It makes little accident after it determines the information it exchanges with other cars. At this point, virtual money systems are being applied to buy fuel or to charge electricity.

Application of PEPScoin in sharing economy business.

For instance, suppose someone leases a house from Airbnb. Block-chain technologies can be used to automatically pay for housing reservations with PEPScoin, automatically lock doors when leaving home, and automatically notice the owner. Also, how convenient would it be to use Uber's taxi service to request a pickup on the PEPS platform and to use the PEPS payment system? Using these sharing economic systems, the low cost of PEPScoin only will cause further gains. Of course, if sharing economy is connected to a non-profit business, the transfer fee would be zero percent. In the sharing economy business, the PEPS payment system will expand the system to provide not only simple payments but also interfaces for each system.

Various marketing plans to build a peps payment system.

Build Alliance and Partner with PEPS Platform.
1) Partner with popular Cashback, Point Creation Sites (EBATES, Exctrabux, Etc) to accumulate points when making payment to PEPSCOIN. 2) Partner with several franchisees to create more PEPSCOIN member stores rather than smaller ones. Although the beginning may be a small number of franchisees, there will be more PEPS users in association with major franchisees. 3) Through cooperation with large open market, we will ensure that online shopping malls are optimized for payment. The usage of the PEPS online payment system is expected to increase faster than offline merchants. 4) Online game is the field in which application of virtual currency is most accessible than application of cash, as described above. In partnership with various game content developers, we will make each game integrate into PEPS game money, not into other game money.


ICO Token Distribution (ICO for 30% of total circulation)
Issue amount
30% of total circulation
Compensation, consultation
Members and developers
Details on ICO
ICO distribution
30% of total circulation=48,000,000
ICO price
1 ETH=3,000 PEPS
ICO start date
MAY 2018
Minimum sum for ICO participation
0.2 ETH
ICO participation bonus
stage1 : purchase sum + 20%
stage2 : purchase sum
Crowd Sale
July 2018 ~ until exhausted
1ETH = 2,000 PEPS
Schedules for PEPS ICO
ICO stage 1
35% of ICO issue
ICO stage 2
30% of ICO issue
Crowd Sale
July.1.2018 ~ until exhausted
The remainder after sail

Plans for usage of coin revenue

Core platform development and maintenance(15%)
Card and finance system development(20%)
Operations and Management(Asset Protection System)(45%)

Stages on PEPS Business and Development Plans


- JANUARY 2017 : PEPS COIN idea planning.
- June 2017 : PEPS COIN Planning Validation.
- July 2017 : Organizeda PEPS project developer and support team.
- August 2017 : Started the development of the PEPS COIN platform.
- December2017 :PEPS COIN manual Version 1.0.


- February 2018 : PEPS COIN manual Version 2.0.
- Apr 2018 : opened PEPS TECH ICO Web site and web wallet
- May 2018 : opened PEPS COIN 1st ICO Open.
- June 2018 : opened PEPS COIN 2nd ICO.
- June 2018 : published PEPS COIN Official App BETA Version.


- July 2018 : PEPS COIN Cloud Sale proceedings
- July ~ August 2018 : PEPS COIN was listed on the International Exchange.
- July 2018 : published PEPS COIN Universal PG-System BETA Version.
- August 2018 : provided PEPS COIN Universal PG and Formal API.
- August 2018 : recruitment for PEPS COIN PG-Application agency and franchise store has started.
- September 2018 : opened PEPS Mining POOL Source.
- September 18: issued PEPS COIN exclusive cards (Including an electronic card).


- signed Strategic Partner and Alliance Agreement in September 2018.
- developed PEPS COIN commercial game and alliance.
- Developed solutions and other services using the PEPS infrastructure.
- established PEPS ATM inpublic places.
- Always keep up with market and users' needs

※The schedule above can be changed according to the development schedule, please check the website for details


Until now we have explained about PEPS COIN and business plans for PEPS. We will conclude this paper by providing details on development on various platforms.

The first is PEPS COIN platform.

Coin platform will substitute the existing currencies by giving birth to various application systems centered on a new virtual(crypto)currency 'PEPS', with endless value. It will go beyond the limits of preexisting coins and will be equipped with functions of currency. We will continue developing the platform to make the coin the most valuable currency in the future. Preexisting virtual currencies have limited platforms for use, but platform of PEPS will be accessible to everyone. It will be 'real' not just online.

The second is the realization of 'value life'

Virtual (crypto)currency allows millions of customers including retailers, start-ups, enterprises, charities, and individuals without bank services to use state-of-the-art payment service. Various convenient applications will be developed, and therefore will be able to meet the needs of customers, allowing unlimited growth and expansion on quickly evolving virtual currency markets. PEPS platform is making its best efforts to optimalize to convenient e-commerce service and provide individuals and traders best cryptocurrency experience. Also, it will try to institutionalize cryptocurrency and will publicly open blockchain network exchange to protect customers' assets, thereby designing a platform where it will be deemed a truly secure asset, enabling valuable currency and valuable life for everyone.

Third is establishing 'social contribution platform'>

PEPS TECH foundation aims for platform development and transparent management, and prefers development in open source form and safety. The foundation will be based on concrete operation system and support open source development and community project businesses. The goal of foundation management structure is sustainable development of project, efficient management, and secure management of funds.

Also, The transfer fee for Nonprofit foundations and organizations will be 0%, and plan to return some of the proceeds from the coin sales and the proceeds and fees from the project to the society. We will donate to global charity foundations and NGOs like UNICEF and World Vision, and support other domestic foundations.

PEPS TECH project will not only make revenue, but also give something back to society. We will work as pioneers on blockchain technology and spread of cryptocurrency, and exclude unnecessary structure and inconvenient online transaction system, and let the currency expand to the general public. PEPS coin will play a central role, and work as digital currency potentially having unlimited value online and around the world.

Member Introduction

Development Corporation

R-Click co., LTD

develops software and solutions, network management company, processed outsourcing of development of various virtual currency in 2016~2017, developed coin exchange

Development Team

The PEPSCOIN development team consists of top experts in each field developing the PEPS core platform. It is composed of professional team of software production and network security management team and professional team of development experience of coin exchange in 2017 and their collaboration ensures the best technology. The establishment of systems based on projects and platformsthat it has its separate budget and own TF team.

Operating company

The PEPSCOIN operation team established a headquarters in Hong Kong and NEXT-B corporation, which is the head office of sales, with a focus on Japanese developers.NEXT-B, which means next generation blockchain, will be operated as a company where various application of coin is made possible with PEPS's very own blockchain. Unlike other altcoins, we will form operations and management team to manage coin's application system and increase in value.

Public Relations(PR) Team

PEPS project will form PR/Marketing team publicizing information and news on PEPS for unlimited growth of its value. We will contribute to the growth of PEPS by exposing our customers with coins to development related issues as well as the characteristics of PEPS to the customers who are still in doubt whether they have coins or not yet.

Other important matters

Other important matters

The information provided in this paper is intended only to evaluate the vision and values of PEPSCOIN encrypted currency and its associated system. Those who wish to participate in PEPSCOIN should not rely solely on the information in this paper, and it is highly recommended that one should conduct his or herown verification and evaluation. This manual is a data document based on the development plan and should not be construed as a subscription for a marketable securities aimed at trading.


The corporation NEXT - B is responsible for issuing, distributing, managing and other business activities of Pepscoin tokens, and has the ownership of patent technologies, product development rights and advertising rights of the PEPS platform. It is prohibited to use it on third parties, distribute it to others, and use other relevant rights.

Compliance with law/policy.

NEXT-B (PEPSCOIN TECH) is a Hong Kong registered corporation and complies with the laws of the virtual currency sector. It also follows the laws of the Hong Kong financial services organization. Customers who participate in our project must understand and comply with relevant matters and legal regulations.

Anti-money laundering law

PEPSCOIN participants will not be required to participate in money laundering, illegal currency transactions and other restricted activities through PEPS platforms, PEPS PG-system and other related derivatives. It is important to remember that each participant can not sell, exchange or dispose of PEPSCOIN directly or indirectly for the purpose of money laundering. Nor should it be used in any international criminal (illegal gambling, drugs, etc.) or participate in funding & exchange activities for the purpose of financing terrorist funds.

Legal Notice / Disclaimer

This white paper aims to offer information on PEPS COIN to current or potential holders of the coins. The information provided by this paper is incomplete and does not stand for any contractual obligations. It centers on providing potential coin holders important and detailed information to enhance familiarity with the company and the project, and make decisions on initial offer of coins, thereby increasing the possibility of obtaining the coins. PEPS COIN project does not guarantee or assure any information on this white paper, and will not be held liable for any responsibilities originating from this paper. Especially, the stages of development is subject to change, therefore the project does not guarantee any future achievements and consequences.




Official Website_
ICO Participation / Wallet Site_


Developer and Operating Company

R-CLICK / Tomisho-BLD 1F 3-12-13 Heiwa Chuo-ku Fukuoka City Fukuoka JAPAN
NEXT-B / Tung Sun Commercial Centre, 194-200 LOCKHART Road, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG