The PEPS project team has the highest level of knowledges, experiences in Finance,
Web development, Algorithmic encryption and cryptocurrencies.
Co-founder&CEO James Gong

Co-founder&CEO James Gong

CEO Careers

ㆍDB engineer of OrientWeb Ltd, 2000~2005
ㆍCEO of Mostbox Ltd, 2005~2015
ㆍCEO of R-click Ltd, 2015~current
ㆍCEO of NEXT-B LTd, 2018~current
James has been engaged and worked for nearly 20 years in IT bussiness while focusing on Blockchain solution services related to networks, software development, IT consulting and cryptocurrencies.

Founder&CFO  kevin Min

Founder&CFO kevin Min

CFO Careers

ㆍCEO of Shenyang Trading in China, 1995~1998
ㆍEntertain Director of Red Panda Inc, 1999~2007
ㆍReal property representative of Red Panda Inc, 2009~current
ㆍCEO of Art.k LTd, 2015~current
ㆍCFO of NEXT-B LTd, 2018~curren
Kevin has been an expert in real estate, trade, accounting and financial solutions for 30 years with excellent know-hows and knowledges in real estate, corporate finance and business trading.
Founder&CTO N.S Kim

Founder&CTO N.S Kim

CTO Careers

ㆍSystem engeener of Apple Inc. in Silicon Valley, 1995~2005
ㆍSecurity representative of Network Security Solutions Co. 2005~2015
ㆍIT developer of IT consulting company in japan, 2015~current
ㆍCTO of NEXT-B LTd, 2018~current
N.S. Kim, a former Apple engineer, is a shy person who wants to keep himself out of the spotlight. He has been a system engineer, security solution representative, network engineer, C, C ++ expert, DB architecture and ETC


General manager

Andrew Kwon

Web development

Sunny Gwak

abroad marketing


Online Marketing

Theodore Sergum

Web development


System security/management

Stephan Song

Project Manager


China CS manager


Japan CS manager